You are currently viewing Avast Business Managed Workplace recognized as best managed services solution

Avast Business Managed Workplace recognized as best managed services solution

Avast Business Managed Workplace recognized as best managed services solution

RMM platform takes top honors at SYNAXON Managed Service Forum & Computer Reseller Magazine awards events in Germany.

Our partners in Germany recently cast their vote for best remote monitoring and management solution (RMM) at two local awards events in Schloss-Holte Stukenbrock and Munich. The verdict?

At the SYNAXON Managed Service Forum, Managed Workplace emerged the clear winner in a field that included RMM solutions from SolarWinds, Sophos, Kaspersky, and other RMM and security software providers. The October 24 event in Schloss-Holte Stukenbrock included a full day of managed security product presentations by 16 companies, including our Avast Business team presenting Managed Workplace. Presentations, as well as speakers, were evaluated on a scale from 1 (excellent) to 6 (needs improvement) by an audience of 130 attendees.  Our Managed Workplace solution scored an ‘excellent’ rating to win the competition – we also received the top award for best speaker and presentation.

On the heels of our win at the SYNAXON event, Managed Workplace received one of the top three awards in Computer Reseller Magazine of Weka Media Group’s ‘Best Software for Resellers’ category at an event in Munich. An estimated 17 RMM and security vendors competed in this category. This is a prestigious industry award in Germany and our thanks go to the resellers who evaluated our RMM solution and voted for it.


Thomas Hefner of Avast Business holding the Computer Reseller Magazine Award

When you consider the in-depth and competitive evaluation for both awards, you can see why we are pleased to share the results. This recognition is also another validation of Managed Workplace as a leading RMM platform. Using the solution, managed service providers and IT professionals have been able to deliver and manage security services much more efficiently, and at the same time, gain maximum visibility across their client sites and networks to stay well ahead of security threats.

Our channel partner edvXpert GmbH, an IT service provider in Cologne, recently switched from the SolarWinds MSP RMM to Managed Workplace RMM after a competitive analysis. Here are just a few of the benefits edvXpert has already realized:

  • Saved 30% on overall costs
  • Gained new functionality that included software distribution with MSI packages, integrated Antivirus Pro Plus, and comprehensive security network assessment
  • Reduced onboarding and installation time by 75% – deployed the solution across its entire customer base within 14 days

As Christian Zimmerman, an edvXpert Managing Director, shared with us, “Managed Workplace is light years ahead of other solutions. With Managed Workplace, we found a solution that combines everything we wanted: a powerful product with fast, qualified support, and quick, easy implementation – and all at a lower cost. The switch has paid off in every respect.”

You can find out more about the advantages of Managed Workplace by downloading a free trial here.

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Author:  Francois Tschachtli, 19 November 2018