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Avast Business
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Scans files and programs before allowing them to open or run.
Sends suspicious files to the Threat Lab for analysis.
Filters network traffic and stops untrusted connections.
Behaviour Shield
Stops dangerous programs and applications on your device.
Web Shield
Blocks dangerous websites before they open.
Email Shield
Continuously checks for threats in incoming and outgoing emails.
Blocks unwanted spam and phishing emails.
Smart Scan
Quickly checks for any performance or security issues.
A safe environment to test dubious files and programs.
Wi-Fi Inspector
Discovers vulnerabilities in your network.
Real Site
Keeps you away from fake sites designed to steal your data.
Rescue Disk
Creates an external backup antivirus to salvage compromised PCs.
Software Defender
Automatically updates your installed software to help prevent hacks.
Data Shredder
Permanently deletes files you don’t want recovered.
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Browser Cleanup
Erases junk files slowing down your browser.
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Webcam Shield
Alerts you before your webcam is turned on so as to protect your privacy.
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Protects your passwords and streamlines your online accounts.
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SecureLine VPN
Makes open, vulnerable networks safe, anywhere in the world.
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