You are currently viewing Healthcare IT solutions provider sees 90% efficiency increase using Avast Business Managed Workplace

Healthcare IT solutions provider sees 90% efficiency increase using Avast Business Managed Workplace

Healthcare IT solutions provider sees 90% efficiency increase using Avast Business Managed Workplace

iTSC increases cybersecurity, reduces onboarding time at healthcare sites and scales operations using the Avast RMM platform.

The Company

San Antonio-based Information Technology Strategic Communications LLC (iTSC) specializes in IT and security services for healthcare providers throughout Texas and Colorado. Co-founders Michelle Richard and Angel Rosa serve clients that include microhospitals, urgent care facilities, ophthalmology, optometry, and dental offices.

The company is dedicated to increasing security and operational efficiencies, while reducing costs and overhead for its healthcare customers.

In healthcare, maintaining the security of the network is absolutely critical,” says Angel. “Any gaps can compromise customer environments and potentially impact business operations, sensitive data or even the well-being of patients. Because we are responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and managing our clients’ network security, it’s critical to identify all potential risks and work to ensure their networks are protected.”

 The Challenge

As microhospitals continue to replace large, traditional hospitals, the iTSC team has been busy setting up new sites. Angel explains, “Staying ahead of security threats in any healthcare environment is an intense process. When you add the IT and security requirements of a new microhospital, it requires even more time and detail. We get involved at the blueprint stage, providing the IT and security project management direction from the ground up.”

Whether a brand new facility or an existing infrastructure, iTSC requires the processes and tools to continually monitor and manage clients’ security needs. Adhering to regulations like HIPAA is critical to ensuring the network is compliant and protected from cyberattacks or other possible threats, like hurricanes or natural disasters.

 The Solution

After evaluating a number of remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions in 2008, Angel and Michelle chose Avast Managed Workplace to deliver high-quality remote security and support services to its clients.

“The Avast Managed Workplace RMM platform is our primary interface for working with clients,” comments Michelle. “We now have access to a wealth of valuable information and analytics that help define trends and promote more informed decisions. The RMM doubles as an operational tool, helping us identify new service opportunities from our data discovery.”

iTSC has also put other Managed Workplace features to the test. The team uses the new security assessment tool during the onboarding process to quickly identify security issues in the environment. The support assist feature also lets them customize a menu for users, so with one click they can request live chat or remote assistance. All activity is captured in the RMM, so iTSC can easily track how support is being requested and managed.

“We have been really impressed with the quality of Avast support,” Michelle adds. “In the medical industry, everything is considered an emergency. If a doctor can’t pull up a patient’s EMR record or isn’t able to send an X-ray to the hospital, it can be the difference between life and death. The Avast Business support team provides the technical expertise we need to keep everything running. And they always respond with a sense of urgency.”

 The Results

iTSC has experienced significant benefits from moving to Avast Managed Workplace, including:

  • An estimated 90% improvement in the overall efficiency of its business operations
  • Eliminating the need to hire additional staff
  • A two-week reduction in the time spent onboarding new clients
  • Reduced overhead expenses, as they do not need to hire as many technicians

Michelle concludes, “We support complex and serious industry standards in healthcare, and can only reach our goals and those of our customers through the support of Avast Business. Not only do we have the confidence we are protecting our clients, but through our partnership with Avast, we can deliver the highest quality service and grow our operations. While we are still a small business, we can now operate as a much larger one.”

If you’d like to experience security, efficiencies and savings similar to iTSC take a look at Avast Managed Workplace. Let our global cybersecurity engine protect your clients’ networks while providing the tools for you to grow your own IT business.

Author: Toby Nangle, 5 December 2018