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AVG TuneUp Activation Guide (Licence Key)

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1.  Double-click the AVG TuneUp icon on your desktop to open the application.

AVG TuneUp activation (licence key)

2. Go to My AVG ▸ My Subscription.

AVG TuneUp activation (licence key) 1

3. On the My subscription screen, click Enter a valid activation code.

AVG TuneUp activation (licence key) 2

4. Enter your Licence key into the text box and click Enter.

AVG TuneUp activation (licence key) 3

5. Check your subscription details for the entered activation code. If you have an activation code for interchangeable products, you can click on a listed item and select an alternative license from the drop-down menu. Click Continue to return to the My subscription screen.

AVG TuneUp activation (licence key) 4

Your AVG TuneUp subscription is now activated. The expiration date of your subscription appears under Subscriptions on this PC.

Please contact our friendly Technical Support on +27 21 300 1468 or email should you have any queries or require further assistance.

You can also visit to view other instructions or to log a support request with our Product Specialists.

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