Creating a New AntiVirus Policy in Managed Workplace

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When setting up a new AntiVirus policy, you begin by providing a name and description and by specifying the deployment options that determine which components of AVG AntiVirus will be installed, and whether you will initiate the AVG client install or whether it will be automatically installed.

To install AntiVirus on devices, follow this procedure and select the options to install AntiVirus automatically or initiate the install manually.

1. Firstly click Configuration > Policies > AVG AntiVirus.

2. Then click New.

3. In the Policy Name box, type a name for the AntiVirus policy.

4. In the Description box, type a description of the policy.

5. Then select one of the following:

  • To automatically install the AVG AntiVirus client on devices, click the Automatically install the AntiVirus client option button.
  • To initiate the installation of the AVG AntiVirus client after the policy has been applied, click the Allow me to initiate the install option button. Choose this option if you prefer to install the AVG AntiVirus client off-hours, without disrupting the device user, for example.

6. Then to automatically remove antivirus products from a competitor, select the Remove competitive antivirus products check box.

7. Then select the check box beside each of the AntiVirus components you want to install.

8. Click Create.


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